Collision Repair

Prompt auto body collision repair at Al's Tire and Auto Body
Al’s Tire and Auto Body is your one stop shop collision repair facility.  All insurance companies are accepted along with Free Estimates.

Al’s specializes in Body Frame work repair in addition to body painting, scratch removal and dent repair.

*Prices are subject to change

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Have you wondered why it seems like you’ve had to talk louder in your car, or you’ve had to turn the radio more while driving?… It could very well be the sound of your exhaust drowning out the comfort and conversation in your car or truck.  If your car sounds loud when it’s sitting idle or when you’re driving, you could have an exhaust leak or issues that are worse. 
Leaks are common especially if you have an older model vehicle, but even in new models, an exhaust issue can occur.  Your car could also sound louder if the muffler system under your car is eroded away too.  This usually happens when the underside of your vehicle is exposed to elements, such as rocks, sand, gravel, salt, or water, which rust away key components. Al’s Tire and Auto Repair not only handles complete exhaust systems, but has exhaust system specials! See pricing below:

Al's Exhaust Special features special pricing on the repair and replacement of exhaust systems.

Al’s Exhaust Special features special pricing on the repair and replacement of exhaust systems.

*Prices are subject to change

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OBD II Cat. Converters  $ 150 and up
 $ 150 and up
Universal Mufflers $80 and up $80 and up
Flex Pipe $80 and up $80 and up
Diesel Tip $80 and up $80 and up
Exhaust Tips for Gas or Diesel $30 and up $30 and up
Heaters * Cut Off Valves * Exhaust Custom Tips call for pricing call for pricing

Vehicle Inspection

Let us take a look under the hood

Your safety on the road is important to us.  If your auto is experiencing mechanical issues, contact us at 847-672-9698 to schedule a free auto inspection.

Vehicles that enter the garage at Al’s Tire and Auto Repair go through a 21 point vehicle safety inspection.  This includes a visual inspection to determine condition of your auto’s tires, wheels, suspension, exhaust, filters, engine fluids, electronic components, and an assessment on possible risks such as oil or gasket leaks and abnormal engine noise.  

Inspections at Al’s Tire and Auto Repair in Gurnee are included at no cost when you schedule an oil change, or have new or used tires installed onto your vehicle. We also handle suspension issues such as shocks, and struts and have professional equipment on site for complete brake service.

Oil Changes

Oil Change and Tire Rotation - $34.95
Changing your auto’s oil and oil filter are essential for your vehicle as your car or trucks oil viscosity slowly breaks down the longer you drive.  Failure to keep your engine running clean results in weaker performance, a loss of horse power, dirtier emissions and could lead to some undesirable costly repairs.  Every car or truck brought into Al’s Auto undergoes a 21 point vehicle safety inspection at no additional cost.  This is done to provide incite and advice to the vehicles operator to address any foreseeable problems that may arise further down the road.
Al’s Tire and Auto repair has standard and high millage motor oil available with oil filters of all sizes on site.  Whether your auto is new, or has been on the road for decades, we understand the value of your investment.  Stop in for prompt oil changing service and ask about our specials.

New Customer Oil Change and 21 point inspection for only $19.99 at Al's Auto in Gurnee

*Prices are subject to change

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Oil Change and Tire Rotation

$34.95 plus tax & shop supplies

$34.95 plus tax and shop supplies
Al’s Tire and Auto Repair has great deals on new and used tires of all sizes.
Give us a call at 1-847-672-9698 with your tire size, and we’ll order your brand new tires so they’re ready to install when you arrive.  Al’s Tire and Auto Repair carries brand name tires from Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo Tires, Good Year, Firestone, Hankook, BFGoodrich, and Continental.  In addition to carrying these brands, Al’s backs all warranties issued with the purchase of new tires. (Restrictions may apply).  Al’s Tire and Auto Repair also houses a huge inventory of discounted used tires.  Call us today to see if we have one or more available.

*Prices are subject to change

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New Tire(s) – Inspection, Installation and tire balancing. CALL CALL
Used Tire – Mounted and Balanced $35.00 $35.00
Tire Rotation (Most Cars and light Trucks)  $19.99 $19.99
Al’s Tire and Auto Repair in Gurnee has 5 Year Performance batteries from Interstate that include a 90 day warranty with service install.
How old is your the battery under your hood? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? Most batteries have a life between 3 to 5 years. Around this time in the battery’s life, the chemical composition inside begins to change which weakens the battery’s ability to hold and produce a charge.  For the most part, batteries can be difficult to test and go out with little if any warning.  Don’t get stuck in bad weather, 

Interstate Battery Installation for your auto

*Prices are subject to change

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New Battery Installation Starting at $129.95 Starting at $129.95
Used Core Charge Battery Discount Call Call
Roadside Assistance Battery Service Call our urgent auto service line at

Accidents happen regardless if you’re car is on the road, in the driveway or in a busy parking lot. Let Al’s Auto and his ASE certified crew fix those dents and scratches on your vehicle. Insured Auto body Repair as well as auto body undercoating services are available at Al’s Auto in Gurnee.  If you have Dents, Dings, Tears and paint scratches… Al’s Tire and Auto Repair can handle them while working with your insurance company. Looking to protect your vehicle from snow, dirt, water, and road grime? Contact us today for a free estimate on undercoating.

Car prepped for paint

Call today for a free auto body estimate at 847-672-9698

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Auto Body Service Estimate  FREE FREE
 Collision Repair  Call for pricing Call for Pricing
 Undercoating Services  Call for pricing Call for Pricing

Diagnostic Services

Mobile and on-site diagnostics

Proper diagnostics can save you a lot of time and money, get it right the first time with Al’s Tire and Auto Repair. When warning lights come on in your dash, bring your car to us and we’ll hook it up to our diagnostics machine. Once your engine’s on board computer is connected, our  machine generates an error code, or a series of errors, which provides solutions to the problem(s) at hand. 

We value your time.  A check engine light can mean anything from an engine misfire to something worse. We will provide solutions and discuss your options to assure your is vehicle is properly repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

Wiper blades can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months based on weather conditions and use.  Al’s Tire and Auto has a wide inventory of brand name wiper blades on hand.

If your having visibility issues or it’s becoming dangerous to drive because you can’t see through your windshield during rain and snow, let us know, and we’ll install the right size wiper blades at the right price.

Al's Auto Windshield

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Wiper Blade Replacement $22.50 $22.50
Individual Blades from $9.99 from $9.99

Don’t let moisture ruin your investment from the ground up.  The underside of your vehicle takes the most abuse from road debris, weather, salt, and grime. Al’s specializes in waterproof undercoating which protects your vehicle’s undercarriage from moisture, dirt, grime, and rust.  Al’s Auto also has great deals on spray coating truck bed liners, rocker panels and foot steps.

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Undercarriage Coating  Call for a free estimate
 Call for a free estimate
Bed liner rocker panel, or foot stop coating Call for pricing Call for pricing


A/C Recharge

Keeping you cool during your ride...
If your car’s air conditioning system isn’t running as cool as it used to, bring it to Al’s Tire and Auto Repair in Gurnee.  Over years, your car or truck’s A/C’s refrigerant may have leaked or evaporated from certain lines which hinders your A/C from performing at it’s best.  
Al’s Tire and Auto repair can recharge your car or truck’s Air Conditioner. Al’s will inspect your vehicles AC Unit, the lines and assess key parts such as the condenser, compressor and evaporator. On a hot day, you shouldn’t have to sit in a hot car. It could even be outright dangerous for you, your family, or even pets, so keep safe and cool and bring your vehicle to Al’s.

Auto Air Conditioner Recharge
Starting at $69.99

*Prices are subject to change

Service For Car For Truck
A/C Recharge

 $ 69.99

$ 69.99

Performance Upgrades

We can fine-tune your car

We’re car enthusiasts too! At Al’s Tire, we have a passion for auto maintenance and repair. While a majority of our work is general auto repairs such as tires, suspension, oil changes, exhaust, and brakes, we love working under the hood on vehicles that have muscle.

Stop in to Al’s Tire and Auto repair to see what we can do for your car with affordable engine and component upgrades. Clean it up with safe and efficient body restoration, trick it out with new wheels, suspension, or go even further with body and engine customization that makes your car stand out from the rest.

Performance Upgrades